Gopro Hero 4 Black
Smaller, lighter, mightier still.
4K30, 2.7K50, 1080p120—HERO4 Black is the first camera of its kind to feature ultra high-resolution, high frame rate video as powerful as this. Once the exclusive domain of large, costly cameras, HERO4 Black delivers truly professional video quality in a tiny package. Stunning clarity. Liquid-smooth slow-motion playback. Cinema-quality capture. HERO4 Black brings it all.HERO4 Black Edition is the most advanced GoPro yet.
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Gopro Hero 4 Silver Edition
Featuring an enhanced sensor, HERO4 Silver boasts even better image quality than any of the best-selling GoPro cameras that came before it. Capture stunning 1080p60 video that’s sharper and more lifelike than ever. High-resolution, high frame rate 720p120 and 960p100 video delivers exceptionally smooth slow-motion playback of all your highlights. 4K and 2.7K video offers ultra high-resolution, cinema-quality capture. $399
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NEW !!!

fits any GoPro or similar action camera.

With both tilt and roll position adjustment, the Magnetic Action Camera Mount will give you endless new views for your videos or still photos

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The Apco Magnetic Action Camera Mount is super light at 120 grams or 4.2 oz.
16 Super strong magnets insure secure connection on any suitable surface. Compatible with any
GoPro camera and many other action cameras.
The mount allows for secure attachment to any soft surface, such as your canopy, harness, backpack or clothes.

Gopro Chesty Mount

Fits on your chest, highly adjustable, perfect for skiing shots as well as speed flying and paragliding

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Head Strap + QuickClip
Wear your GoPro on your head or attach it to a backwards baseball cap. Compatibility: All Cameras $19
CLOUD CHASER PARAGLIDING HELMET by Apco is FULLY CERTIFIED by CE certification, as a helmet for Airborne Sports.

The helmet is very light with stylish design, with comfortable fit and excellent protection
Comes in 4 Velvet finish colors - White, Grey, Blue and Red.
Sizes ranging from S to XXL (see
store for sizing details)

Apco Cloudchaser Helmets
Apco Wonderbar

A 2 Step Speedbar that can be used on every harness and every glider. Made from Zicral Aluminum tube, with integrated Steel wire. Comes complete with cord and clamps for quick attachment

The extra black wire keeps it at the perfect angle for instant access. No more searching with one blind foot for your speed bar!

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