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Nick Crane and, providing paragliding instruction for all levels, tandem flights, international paragliding tours, and paragliding equipment sales.

The sky is not the limit. Dream, try, fly!
Do you ever dream of flying? When you were a child, did you ever imagine you could just spread your arms and take off into the air? Paragliding is the most intimate form of flight. Sure it involves more than just spreading your arms and taking off, but with the proper training and equipment your paraglider literally gives you wings and you can fly!
The sky is not the limit. Dream, try, fly!
Come learn to fly in Oregon, Northern California or Costa Rica!
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Flying over the rich tropical forest is the Ultimate Canopy Tour!
We'll show you the best paragliding in Costa Rica, as well as great local restaurants and beautiful, exotic wildlife. You'll love Costa Rica and love the paragliding!
Space available for the Jan-March 2018 season!

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The Sound of Music meets the X-Alps!
After 2 amazing tours in 2017 we are again heading to Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia in June, September and October 2018. The combination of great paragliding, epic scenery, amazing cuisine, and the depth of cultural variety make this the paragliding adventure of a lifetime! Come fly with us on a
Paracrane European Paragliding Tour!

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Niviuk Paragliders and Harnesses